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The following are brief profiles of some of my more substantial or memorable projects. They were done as an independent consultant or through various employers and agencies, but each under my direct leadership in Engagement Management, Project Management, Technical Director, and/or Technical Architect roles.



Social Media Marketing for Windows & Windows Live

Defined social media marketing platform strategy for Windows and Windows Live and led the initial execution through the development of the Microsoft Community Clubhouse a complete redesign of www.windowslive.com. The project is profiled in the following posts:



B2B Portal Strategy

With annual revenue exceeding $33 billion at the time of this project, Dell Corporation is one of the most successful electronic commerce pioneers. Medium and large business customers are provided with a unique and highly tailored web site for interacting and transacting with Dell. This project involved defining functional requirements, a technical strategy and architectural options for the next generation of Dell’s business-to-business systems. The result would be a highly simplified and automated “storefront” creation and administration system. The project included a complete assessment and documentation of current-state business process and supporting systems, a formal evaluation of over 20 vendors of relevant products and technologies, and the formulation of future-state business processes and technical architecture.

B2C E-Commerce & Customer Relationship Management

Integrated a new credit provider to allow Dell to extend credit to Spanish speaking customers. This involved defining business rules & requirements, negotiating and defining web service contracts between Dell and the credit provider, and modifying the customer relationship management (CRM) system to incorporate the Spanish credit workflow.



B2C Global Marketing & E-Commerce

This client develops and sells nutritional products through a network of sales and marketing associates in over 12 countries around the world. The project involved redesigning and replacing all front-end and back-end e-commerce systems to facilitate rapid expansion in global markets and maximize associate marketing and management capabilities. The new site supports multiple countries and languages with localized content, layout and country-specific business rules from a single globalized and easily extensible code base. New countries and markets can be added in as little as two weeks. The site integrates with an enterprise ERP/CRM system for product, pricing, and account data and it provides unique, customizable marketing sites for each of the thousands of associates.


Internet Software as a Service (SaaS) Startup

Inginix Systems Corporation (now BigWaveProjects) is an enterprise software company that provides a product for managing very large-scale, distributed projects. Among others, it is used by retail chains to roll out new stores and store upgrades and by energy companies to operate and maintain oilfields. This project involved translating the company founder’s vision into functional requirements, establishing an R&D organization, and developing the product through two major versions.



Internet Software as a Service (SaaS) Startup

TimeTag (acquired by Intuit) is an Internet software company providing time and billing solutions to the professional services industry. This project involved defining and developing TimeTag’s initial product. The solution enables customers to capture billable time through a variety of desktop and mobile devices and applications, provides unique reporting and analysis capabilities, and integrates with existing accounting and billing systems.

American Airlines

American Airlines

Airline Travel/Booking Site

American Airlines is the world’s largest carrier and AA.com is one of the most popular travel sites. This project involved creating a completely re-architected, designed, and functionally enhanced web site and travel system to replace the old Broadvision-based site and provide a foundation for future expansion. The new site now receives more than 715,000 visits on average days with peaks well over a million.

Airline Travel/Booking Site Performance Optimization

At the time of this project, AA.com was the recipient of many industry awards and one of the top ten travel sites, according to Yahoo! Internet Life. However, performance limitations of the Broadvision-based site were severely restricting revenue. This project involved analyzing the existing architecture and system components and making modifications to improve performance. Recommended and implemented improvements ranged from non-technical measures, such as level one, two and three support training and process improvements, to technical measures, such as database optimization, application configuration, and improved load-balancing and geographically distributed fail-over. As a result, AA.com daily revenue was increased by as much as 600%.

Various Marketing and CRM Projects

Over 15 projects were delivered, many concurrently, providing marketing micro-sites, customer relationship management systems, and business/channel partner integrations.

Service Master

The Service Master Company

B2C E-Commerce & Service Scheduling

The ServiceMaster Company provides service to over 10.5 million customers each year through a network of over 5,400 company-owned and franchised service centers and business units. This project involved architecting and developing WeServeHomes.com. The system integrates all ServiceMaster franchises, most of which are independently operated, into a central integrated exchange for sales and scheduling of service.

Tenet Broadlane


B2B Electronic Commerce Exchange

Broadlane operates a group-purchasing organization (GPO) with combined purchase volume totaling more than $4.1 billion annually. This project involved defining, developing, and launching BuyPower.com (now Broadlane.com), which is Broadlane’s online business-to-business exchange.

AIMCO / Buyer's Access


B2B Electronic Commerce Exchange

Buyers Access, an AIMCO subsidiary, is the nation’s largest group purchasing organization for the multi-family housing industry. This project involved defining, developing, and launching a web-based business-to-business exchange for over 200,000 supplies and services.

JC Penney

B2C Electronic Commerce

J. C. Penny is one of America’s largest department store, catalog, and e-commerce retailers. This project involved creating 19 different micro-sites highly tailored around various brands, such as Levi’s and Docker’s. Strict planning and management enabled parallel efforts to complete the sites before the holiday shopping season, in coordination with TV, Radio, and Online Advertising campaigns.

Handango / Palm Central


B2C Electronic Commerce

Handango is the world’s leading publisher of mobile software. This project involved defining, developing, and launching PalmCentral.com, Handango’s first web presence and e-commerce system.

Land ‘N Sea Corporation

B2C Electronic Commerce & Community Portal

Land ‘N’ Sea Corporation owns and operates a number of boating and marine-industry retail and distribution businesses. This project involved defining, developing, and launching iWaterways.com, a boating-enthusiast information portal and e-commerce site.

Stewart Title / Landata

Landata Group, Inc.

Document Imaging, Indexing, Sales & Distribution

Landata Group, Inc., a subsidiary of Stewart Information Services Corp., provides real estate information products and services. Landata’s data center operations maintain a full service land title operation with electronically imaged and indexed real estate document filings and records. This project involved creating a web-based interface to Landata’s title plant, giving customers the ability to search property ownership, tax, deed and mortgage history data and distribute document images via e-mail.


PRIMEDIA Workplace Learning

Online Video Training (Sales, Streaming, and Testing)

PRIMEDIA is the world’s largest targeted media company, with print, video and Internet businesses focused on consumer and business-to-business audiences. This project involved designing and developing a web-based solution for PRIMEDIA Workplace Learning, enabling customers to purchase, view, and be tested/certified on video-based training materials over the Internet.

Texas Instruments

Texas Instruments

Software Engineering Process Training and Mentoring

Educational and Productivity Solutions (E&PS), a business of Texas Instruments, manufactures and markets hand-held calculators, organizers, and education technology products. This project involved providing software engineering methodology training and mentoring to help establish a software development team and organization for the development E&PS’s first commercial software-only product. Just-in-time training and hands-on mentoring on all disciplines of the Rational Unified Process enabled E&PS to successfully deliver a sophisticated product on an aggressive schedule.

Mobile PDA

The Avigo was TI’s entry into the consumer PDA market. This project involved assuming leadership of a challenged project to create desktop personal information management software, and configuration and synchronization software for the Avigo. The project was off-course due to a combination of management and technical challenges and was at risk of missing delivery dates already published by the marketing organization. Through effective project management and technical leadership, the project was brought on-course and delivered on schedule.

Chase / Bank One

Bank One

Data Warehouse, OLAP and Reporting

Bank One Corporation (acquired by Chase) was the nation’s sixth-largest bank holding company, with assets of more than $260 billion. This project involved designing and implementing a data warehouse and online analytical processing (OLAP) and reporting system.


Logistics Management

MCI (owned by Verizon) is a communications services provider to global businesses, government offices, and U.S. residential customers. This project involved designing and implementing a logistics application to manage and monitor the deployment of a barcode-based physical asset identification and tracking program.

The Dallas Morning News

The Dallas Morning News

Sales & Marketing Planning, Analysis and Operations Systems

The Dallas Morning News is one of the nation’s largest newspapers with over 1.1 million daily and 1.6 million Sunday subscribers.   Many projects were delivered for the ongoing analysis of circulation data and the planning, operation, and optimization carrier marketing programs.