Portfolio: American Airlines

American Airlines

Airline Travel/Booking Site

American Airlines is the world’s largest carrier and AA.com is one of the most popular travel sites. This project involved creating a completely re-architected, designed, and functionally enhanced web site and travel system to replace the old Broadvision-based site and provide a foundation for future expansion. The new site now receives more than 715,000 visits on average days with peaks well over a million.

Airline Travel/Booking Site Performance Optimization

At the time of this project, AA.com was the recipient of many industry awards and one of the top ten travel sites, according to Yahoo! Internet Life. However, performance limitations of the Broadvision-based site were severely restricting revenue. This project involved analyzing the existing architecture and system components and making modifications to improve performance. Recommended and implemented improvements ranged from non-technical measures, such as level one, two and three support training and process improvements, to technical measures, such as database optimization, application configuration, and improved load-balancing and geographically distributed fail-over. As a result, AA.com daily revenue was increased by as much as 600%.

Various Marketing and CRM Projects

Over 15 projects were delivered, many concurrently, providing marketing micro-sites, customer relationship management systems, and business/channel partner integrations.