Competition between Windows Azure and Amazon AWS

Just yesterday I blogged about why Mediassembly switched from Amazon AWS to Windows Azure. In that post, I mentioned that I hoped to have time to describe some of the technical pros/cons of each that influenced the decision. Well, had I done that, the details would have been outdated already. Amazon just announced enhancements to SimpleDB and EC2 that address two of the key challenges and frustrations we experienced. You can read the announcements, here:
Amazon Ec2 Reserved Instances with Windows

Amazon SimpleDB Consistency Enhancements
Even though we switched to Windows Azure, I’m still a huge fan of Amazon AWS. They set the bar for cloud platform providers and few have been able to reach it. While these recent announcements would not have changed our decision, they certainly narrow the gap between the two platforms for developers building on a Microsoft stack.

I’m looking forward to seeing the competition progress between these and other cloud platform vendors. As each continues to push the bar, we customers ultimately win.